One Million Dollars Donation by old boy Dr Felix Yip (1972)

Dinner Gathering
A dinner gathering hosted by Dr Yip was held at Carriana Restaurant on Jan 2 to meet the old friends and teachers of CSK. 3 full tables of friends and teachers spent an enjoyable evening together.

Building Naming Ceremony
To commemorate the generous donation by Dr Yip Chi Ming Felix, M.D., graduate of 1972, of HK$1 million to CSK, a building naming ceremony was held on Jan 3 at the school hall, with the senior form students attending the ceremony in the school hall and lower form students watching through simultaneous broadcasting in the classroom. The ceremony was attended and officiated by :

Dr Dennis Yip, younger brother of Dr Felix Yip who rushed back to the US for an emergency, is also a CSK graduate, in 1973
Mr Chan King Lun, benefactor of CSK
Brother Patrick, Area Director of Hong Kong Lasallian Family
Brother Lawrence, supervisor of CSK
Mr Nicholas Ng, member of Hong Kong Lasallian Education Council
Mr KK Sze, school principal
Mr Lee Hoi Leung, chairman of Parents Teachers Association
Mr Toby Chow, chairman of Old Boys’ Foundation Fund
Mr Chris Lau, president of Old Boys’ Association
Mr Ho Wai Tat, chairman of Students Association
Mr Lau Cheuk Sze, Head Prefect

Dr Dennis Yip, on behalf of his elder brother, gave thanks to the La Salle Brothers and the school who gave opportunity for him to receive wonderful education. Dr Yip also shared his vision for an improved and expanded horizon for a better education across China.

For more photos of the event please visit school website at

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