Annual General Meeting

It is pleased to announce that following the CSKOBA 2010 Annual General Meeting held on 27th June, Sunday at CSK, a new committee was elected to serve the Association for the term of 2010/2011.

Under Clause 23(a) of the Articles of Association, one-half of the Committee who has been longest in office since last election shall retire from office and shall be eligible for re-election.

Due to some personal reasons, Timothy Ho (1981), Colin Leung (1981) and Marcus Fung (1994) decided to remain retire from the Committee and not offer to be re-elected. We appreciate their contribution towards the Association over the past years.

The other retiring Committee Members had been re-elected successfully to hold office in the coming year. Two new Committee Members on board this year : Choy Tze Kin (1985) and Markus Nam (1998). We are sure that their vast working experience in their respective field would certainly benefit the Association to a great extent.

For the office-bearer election, Ronny Tang (1979) was elected as the President of our Association and Larry Leung (1990) was elected as Vice-President, Jonathan Wong (1981) as Treasurer, and Jack Tam (1990) as Secretary serving the Association in the new term.

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