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Dear Old Boy:

I am pleased to announce that we have two old boys contesting for the post of alumni school manager! It is encouraging to see competition in our school’s very first referendum election of school manager. Now, it is both our right and our responsibility to select one of the two candidates:

1. TAM Man Hoi Jack (1990)

2. SIT Wai Tung Chris (1996)

According to the IMC Constitution, a school manager is responsible for formulating the educational and management policies of the school in accordance with the Tradition and Philosophy of Lasallian Education, ensuring that the education of the pupils is promoted in a proper manner, etc. The alumni manager shall also promote communication and co-operation between the IMC and the OBA.

As registered voters, the responsibility now falls upon us to make the choice. The candidate who have the most votes will represent us in the IMC during the next two years. Do make good use of your vote!

An anonymous voting will be held on 13 October (Sunday) 1:00-5:00 pm at Room 125, Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College. Please avail yourself for this historic event!

Votes will be counted right after voting. You are welcome to witness the birth of our alumni school manager. CSK Principal Mr T L Lee and/or Vice-Principal Mr K S Chan will also be present to witness this important moment.

See you on 13 October!

Larry Leung
Returning Officer – IMC Alumni Manager Election 2013

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