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Brother Hyacinth Fitzgerald FSC (aged 85 years old) peacefully returned to our Creator at around 1:00 AM of Sunday, 14th December 2014. He hails from Rathcoole, County Dublin, Ireland, and went to the Brothers' school in Naas, Co. Kildare.

Brother Hyacinth entered the Juniorate at Castletown in 1944 and joined the Novitiate the following year. He spent his Scholasticate in Mallow from 1946 - 1947. His first assignment in the East was to St. Xavier's Institution in 1949. He spent much of his teaching life in Malaysia, particularly in Sarawak. Brother Hyacinth loved to play badminton and coached teams in Malaysia. He celebrated his Silver Jubilee in 1979.

Having reached the retiring age of 55 in Malaysia, Brother Hyacinth was transferred to Hong Kong in 1983 and continued to teach English and Religious Studies in Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College until 1993. He spent his early years of retirement in CSK until 2004 when the community transferred to La Salle College. In his latter years, Brother Hyacinth suffered from Alzheimer's disease.

May Brother Hyacinth rest in peace.

Details of Funeral Mass:
Date: December 19, 2014 (Friday)
Time: 12:30pm
Venue: St. Teresa's Church

La Salle Family LEAD Story 163

CSK 45th Anniversary Dinner Booking Closed


Due to overwhelming responses from old boys, students, staff, parents and retired teachers, the CSK 45th Anniversary Dinner has been fully booked.

We completely understand old boys' desire to celebrate our Alma Mater's anniversary. To accommodate more old boys, we already increased the number of tables twice, and some of us will have to be served by live viewing of the stage on nearby screens. Thank you for understanding that we have to close the enrollment now as the venue's seating limit has been reached.

OBA appreciates your support of our Alma Mater! Any further updates on dinner arrangements will be posted on website and Facebook fangpage.

CSK 45th Anniversary Dinner

Dear Fellow Old Boys:

Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College has come a long way since its opening in 1969. This year, as alma mater is turning 45 years old, generations of old boys will gather in unity and bring together the other CSK family members in celebration. I cordially invite you and your family to the CSK 45th Anniversary Dinner on 31 January 2015.

At this meaningful occasion, you will see many familiar faces including retired teachers, current staff and classmates of your generation. Old boys are encouraged to recreate our school uniform by wearing white shirts and black trousers. The school tie will surely be the perfect choice!

Our dinner venue is only 10 minutes walking from CSK. It will be a good idea to visit the campus before dinner, checking out her latest look, taking photographs and recalling our memories from the past. The playground will be open to dinner guests for parking.

Please mark this date and book online to secure your seats. See you then!

Yours faithfully,
Leung Fan, Larry (1990)
Chairman, CSK 45th Anniversary Dinner Organizing Committee

Notice of 2014 Annual General Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that an Annual General Meeting of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College Old Boys' Association Limited will be held in Room 125, Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College on 14 June, 2014.

Event: Annual General Meeting

Time: 14 June 2014 (Saturday) at 3:00pm
Room 125, 1/F, Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College, 4 Sheung Wo Street, Homantin, Kowloon.

Meeting Agenda

  1. President's Report 2013-2014
  2. Approval of Audited Financial Statements 2013-2014
  3. Election/Re-election of Retired Executive Committee Members by Rotation
  4. Appointment of Honorable Auditor 2014-2015

By Order of the Committee,

Lee Yu Chun John
Honorary Secretary

2014 Spring Outing with PTA

Dear old boys:

As in previous years, our 2014 Spring Outing will be co-organized with the CSK Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). In this year, we have arranged a one-day outing to Ma Shi Chau in the north-east side of Hong Kong. This event is to be held on March 2, 2014 (Sunday).All CSK Old Boys and families are welcome to join.

The deadline for "Paid" enrollment is Jan 29, 2014 (Wednesday)
The details of event schedule is attached.

Payment can be made directly to the OBA bank account at:
A/C Name: Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College Old Boys' Association Limited
A/C Number: 043-477-10746777
Bank: Nanyang Commercial Bank (or any branches of the Bank of China)

and notify CSKOBA (re: Ronny Tang) at or Fax: 2525-8725 with
1. Name
2. F.5 Grad year
3. Mobile number
4. Email address
5. Payment proof

Spaces are limited. Please act fast to reserve your places!

Larry Leung (1990)
CSKOBA President

2013 Christmas BBQ Party on CSK Campus

Dear old boys:

Merry Christmas! While we enter the festive season and get busy gathering with families and friends, don't forget the buddies you have known since teenage!

On behalf of the Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College Old Boys' Association ("CSKOBA"), you are cordially invited to come back to school at the 2013 Christmas BBQ Party. Let's catch up with classmates and revisit the campus that contains lots of memories. Do also bring your family to enjoy a wonderful evening with the CSK family of old boys, teachers, students and parents.

Date: 13 December 2013 (Friday) 6:30pm - 10:00pm
Venue: CSK School Covered Playground
Fee: HK$80 per head
No: Max. 180 pax (advance reservation is required & no at the spot entry)
(If over, a ballot should be used and unsuccessful applicant will be informed individually)

R.S.V.P.: Mr David Lam
Email: and

Payments please make direct to the CSKOBA bank account at :
A/C No.: 043-477-1-074677-7
Bank: Nanyang Commercial Bank, Ltd
and notify CSKOBA at: or Fax: 2525 8725 with :
1. Name
2. F.5 Grad year
3. Mobile number
4. Email address
5. Payment proof

Spaces are limited. Please act fast to reserve your places! See you back in school!

Larry Leung (1990)
CSKOBA President

CSK 2014 Marathon Team
Chinese Version

Dear old boys:

Our school is organizing a CSK Marathon Team to participate in the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon 2014. The team will be opened to CSK students, old boys, staff, and parents.


For Old Boys who have already registered for SCHK Marathon 2014, please register with CSK P.E. Department Head, Mr Wong Tak Shing ( For details, please refer to our CSK Sports page:

The CSK P.E. Department will arrange briefing and training sessions for the participants, to be held on 2 February 2014 (Sunday), 9:00am - 12:30pm. One of our old boys and ex-OBA Committee, Mr Theodore Lai (1981), has kindly agreed to sponsor the team's T-shirts in the event.

For those old boys who are interested in joining this event, please send your name, year of CSK F.5 graduation and contact details (email & mobile) to Mr Wong Tak Shing (

Larry Leung (1990)
CSKOBA President

Alumni Manager 2013 Election Result

Dear Fellow Old Boys:

I am pleased to announce the results of the Alumni Manager Election for Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College's Incorporated Management Committee (The IMC).

The OBA-organized election was held successfully yesterday. 75.6% of the registered voters came back to school to cast their votes. Mr SIT Wai Tung, Chris, a 1996 old boy won by a 64.5% majority. Mr TAM Man Hoi Jack, a 1990 graduate and the alumni school manager in year 2012/13, got 35.5% of the votes.

Let's congratulate Chris for being our first Alumni Manager under the new school management system. In the next two years, he will represent us in our school's Incorporated Management Committee, newly-established in September 2013. Apart from other school managing missions, Chris is responsible for promoting co-operation between IMC and OBA. We expect him to listen to old boys' voices and to channel our opinions to the school management.

CSK Supervisor Mr Chris Lau, Principal Mr T L Lee and Vice-Principal Mr K S Chan came to the polling centre in their busy schedules to witness the vote-counting. Let's thank them for their presence as well as their constant support to old boys affairs.

This election is CSK old boys' first event of such kind. We are also the earliest to complete it among the five lasallian secondary schools, which will do the same in the near future. The invaluable experience we have gained will be useful in the coming years. We are also determined to make improvements in future election arrangements.

Lastly, let me thank every old boy for your participation!

Below please find the detatiled vote counts:

Voters' Turnout Rate75.6% (31/41)

Votes Counted
Null and Void0 (0%)
Valid31 (100%)
Tam Man Hoi Jack11 (35.5%)
Sit Wai Tung20 (64.5%)

Larry Leung
CSKOBA President
Returning Officer of IMC Alumni Manager Election 2013

Election Updates - Candidates' Information
Chinese Version

Dear Old Boy:

I am pleased to announce that we have two old boys contesting for the post of alumni school manager! It is encouraging to see competition in our school's very first referendum election of school manager. Now, it is both our right and our responsibility to select one of the two candidates:

1. TAM Man Hoi Jack (1990)

2. SIT Wai Tung Chris (1996)

According to the IMC Constitution, a school manager is responsible for formulating the educational and management policies of the school in accordance with the Tradition and Philosophy of Lasallian Education, ensuring that the education of the pupils is promoted in a proper manner, etc. The alumni manager shall also promote communication and co-operation between the IMC and the OBA.

As registered voters, the responsibility now falls upon us to make the choice. The candidate who have the most votes will represent us in the IMC during the next two years. Do make good use of your vote!

An anonymous voting will be held on 13 October (Sunday) 1:00-5:00 pm at Room 125, Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College. Please avail yourself for this historic event!

Votes will be counted right after voting. You are welcome to witness the birth of our alumni school manager. CSK Principal Mr T L Lee and/or Vice-Principal Mr K S Chan will also be present to witness this important moment.

See you on 13 October!

Larry Leung
Returning Officer - IMC Alumni Manager Election 2013

Election Updates - Latest Voters' Register
Voters' Register Updated on Sept 24, 2013

Please find the latest updates of voters' register

Chinese Version

Voters' Register

Thank you for participating. The voters registration for 2013 Alumni Manager Election has completed. Confirmation emails have been sent to every registered old boy whose identity has been verified by the school. You are now valid voters!

Voters registration is only the prelude of this election. Nomination of candidates is under way now. Every valid voter is eligible to nominate himself or another old boy for candidacy. Each nomination requires one nominator and two seconders, all of whom must be valid voters. Each voter can nominate/second a maximum of two candidates.

Make your vote count! Act now to nominate your representative in the school management! Download Nomination Form:

Submit Nomination Form to:

Nomination Deadline: 28 Sep 2013 (Sat) 17:00


Brother Rudolf Maria, FMS, teacher and vice-principal (1980 - 1996) of Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College passed away on 06 May, 2013 at Kwong Wah Hospital in the 78th year of his age and the 59th year of his religious profession.

The funeral mass was held on 13th May, 2013 and Brother Rudolf was laid to rest in peace at St. Raphael Cemetery, Cheung Sha Wan.

Obituary by Marist Brothers

CSK School Magazine's In Memorian

IMC Alumni Manager Election 2013 (UPDATE)
Chinese Version

Dear Fellow Old Boys:

Background: The first referendum election of old boys' rep in school management

Today, CSK has legally established her Incorporated Management Committee (IMC). Starting this academic year, the alumni representative in the school management will be selected by all of us through an election conducted by CSKOBA. This is our first ever "referendum" Alumni Manager election. I encourage every old boy who cares about alma mater to make good use of your rights. No matter you are going to run for the election, to nominate someone or to just cast your, we will make history together!

IMC is required by law to comprise representatives from the sponsoring body, teachers, parents, alumni and an independent manager. Our Alumni Manager's term of office is two years and the maximum terms for each old boy is three.

Members of the IMC is responsible for school governance, carrying out the vision and mission of Lasallian education, strategic planning of the school, etc. The Alumni Manager should also reflect old boys' opinions. He should also promote communication and co-operation between the IMC and OBA/old boys.

In the last two years, such issues as "national education" and "switching to Direct Subsidy Scheme" have made alumni of many schools voice out their opinions. Their schools and the general public have paid growing attention to alumni's voices. It has become additionally meaningful for us to conduct a referendum Alumni Manager election at this point of time. Let every old boy exercise his rights to run for, to nominate and to vote in order to participate in school management.

Participate: Register before voting. Nominate yourself or another old boy

Register as a voter now

Before you nominate or vote, your alumni identity will be verified by the school. A simple registration process has now started. Act now! Simply download the Voter Registration Form and email it to before 14 September!

Nominate yourself or another old boy

You are encouraged to nominate a fellow old boy or yourself to be a candidate. Want to voice out for old boys? Love to contribute your knowledge to the school? Simply interested in being a school manager? Have some suitable candidates in mind? Why not? Fill in the Nomination Form and email it to before 28 September! (Please retain the original copy for submitting on request.)

Come to vote

Registered voters will come to CSK Room 125, 1/F to vote on the polling date, 13 October. Please mark your diary!

Inquiries and further information

The above is a brief introduction to the election. Please read Procedure for Alumni Manager Election 2013 and Addendum for Alumni Manager Election for detailed procedure and rules. Should you have further inquiries about election procedure, responsibility for Alumni Manager and IMC, etc, please do not hesitate to contact us at Further election updates will be posted via CSKOBA website, Facebook page and emails.

Important Dates:
  • Voter registration deadline: 14 Sept (Sat) 17:00
  • Candidate nomination deadline: 28 Sept (Sat) 17:00
  • Voting date: 13 Oct (Sun) 13:00 - 17:00

Documents for download:
Larry Leung(1990)
Returning Officer - CSK Alumni Manager Election 2013
1 Sept 2013

Newsletter by President

Dear Fellow Old Boys:

I write to report that a new OBA Executive Committee has been elected. While we as usual serve the alumni community and the school by providing various services and organizing events, it is worth noting some areas of emphasis in this year's work.

Emphasis 1: Strengthen communication with fellow old boys

(1) Newsletter by President
The purpose of this Newsletter is to better report our work to you. Please continue to check out more updates on CSKOBA's Facebook page and website

(2) Facebook interaction
Everyone likes two-way communication. Facebook is interactive and our page awaits your participation. Have an idea on how to help the school and students? Have just shot nice pictures in a classmates' gathering? Found an old photo of a teacher or of the school? Why be shy to share? We will also make greater use of this platform to update you. Like this page and share it to your classmate!

(3) Go bilingual
OBA communications are no longer limited to English. You will now find dual-version posts in our website and our Facebook page. I am sure that including a Chinese version will help our communication.

Emphasis 2: Bridge alumni to school and make your voice heard

(4) Let alumni be heard
In the last couple of years, such issues as "national education" and "switching to Direct Subsidy Scheme" have made alumni of many schools voice out their opinions. Their alma mater and the general public has paid growing attention to alumni's voices.

OBA is an official alumni organization. It has a representative in the school management. It is our responsibility to let you be heard and to bridge old boys to the school.

(5) Elect your representative to the school management
In the coming academic year, Hong Kong Lasallian schools will legally establish their Incorporated Management Committee as the new school management body. Under the new system, a alumni representative will be selected through "referendum" election. After the IMC has been formally incorporated in September, we will have the first Alumni Manager election in which all members can participate. This year's OBA Exco will shoulder the responsibility of conducting this historic election. Please pay attention to further posts.

Emphasis 3: Support the school. Help the students.

(6) Old boys help students
One big concern of alumni is how to revitalize our young boys' studies and public examination results. In recent years, schools in our neighborhood have emerged to bring keener competition. It will take quite some effort for us to climbed back to the summit and to shine like our brightest years. To further enhance our support to the students, this year we are adding new projects as well as continuing the work started in the last few years.

In fact, our longer history than many nearby schools, giving us a larger alumni community, is an advantage! OBA joins hands with the school, Parent-Teacher Association and Old Boys Foundation to provide mentorship schemes, JUPAS guidance, career and further study counseling, scholarships, etc. This year, we have launched a new life-coaching programme targeting the underachieving students. (Due to limited space, more details will be provided in another article.)

In addition, many enthusiastic alumni have taken the initiative to contribute. Earlier on an old boy who teaches "supplementary classes" went back to CSK to give free seminar on exam preparation. During a recent meeting, more than one old boys offered their expertise to help students to improve their English on campus. We are showing great unity and eagerness in reviving our alma mater!

(7) Alumni support the school
Competition has a direct influence on our school's Form 1 in-take. Under the current "medium of instruction" system, further worsening of in-take banding may eventually affect our "English school" status. The school has been organizing "information sessions" to enhance promotion to primary school parents.

The OBA is very supportive in promoting our school. Last year when I represented OBA as Vice-president, I added a section to introduce alumni who have become prominent figures in public. A number of famous old boys also attended and shared their thoughts and feelings. This allowed P.6 parents and students to witness the achievement of Chan Sui Ki education through direct contact with our "products".

Delighted by the overwhelming response, this year we will continue to leverage on our strength to help raising the quality of student in-take. The next Information Session is tentatively scheduled in December.

An "Induction Day" will be held on the coming Saturday (August 24) 14:00 in school hall to provide orientation to F.1 new students and parents. I will represent old boys to welcome them to the CSK family and to brief them about our alumni community. You are welcome to come support our school.

These are some of the emphases in this year's work but it is not our full programme list. We will continue to update everyone via Facebook and our website.

The OBA Exco is a group of old boys who volunteer our time to contribute to the alumni community and the school. Honestly, there are a lot we want to do while manpower and resources are limited. Yet, OBA is a good platform to gather talents and combine our strengths. Old boys from different generations and industries contribute in different ways. Being the president does not mean I am more competent than anyone. Where there are rooms to improve, I always keep an open mind to learn.

Larry Leung (1990)
CSKOBA President
21 August 2013