Sept 25, 2023
Dear Old Boy:

As Returning Officer, I would like to make a formal announcement about Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College (“CSKLSC”)’s
Incorporated Management Committee (“IMC”) Alumni Manager Election.

By the end of nomination period (September 23, 2023), only one valid application from Mr. Lee Kam Lun, Cameron
(1994) has been received. According to the election procedures, if only one eligible candidate is nominated, no
election shall be conducted, and such candidate shall be automatically nominated by CSKOBA as the Alumni
Manager of CSKLSC’s IMC.

As a result, I am pleased to declare that Mr. Lee Kam Lun, Cameron is deemed to be successfully elected as the
Alumni Manager. Therefore, the election originally planned (October 8, 2023) will no longer proceed.

Should any old boys have any issues or concerns about this announcement, please send email with full contact
details to and within seven days of this announcement.

Best Regards,
Jack Lee (1993)
Returning Officer of IMC’s Alumni Manager Election 2023

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