Newsletter by President

Dear Fellow Old Boys:

I write to report that a new OBA Executive Committee has been elected. While we as usual serve the alumni community and the school by providing various services and organizing events, it is worth noting some areas of emphasis in this year’s work.

Emphasis 1: Strengthen communication with fellow old boys

(1) Newsletter by President
The purpose of this Newsletter is to better report our work to you. Please continue to check out more updates on CSKOBA’s Facebook page and website

(2) Facebook interaction
Everyone likes two-way communication. Facebook is interactive and our page awaits your participation. Have an idea on how to help the school and students? Have just shot nice pictures in a classmates’ gathering? Found an old photo of a teacher or of the school? Why be shy to share? We will also make greater use of this platform to update you. Like this page and share it to your classmate!

(3) Go bilingual
OBA communications are no longer limited to English. You will now find dual-version posts in our website and our Facebook page. I am sure that including a Chinese version will help our communication.

Emphasis 2: Bridge alumni to school and make your voice heard

(4) Let alumni be heard
In the last couple of years, such issues as “national education” and “switching to Direct Subsidy Scheme” have made alumni of many schools voice out their opinions. Their alma mater and the general public has paid growing attention to alumni’s voices.

OBA is an official alumni organization. It has a representative in the school management. It is our responsibility to let you be heard and to bridge old boys to the school.

(5) Elect your representative to the school management
In the coming academic year, Hong Kong Lasallian schools will legally establish their Incorporated Management Committee as the new school management body. Under the new system, a alumni representative will be selected through “referendum” election. After the IMC has been formally incorporated in September, we will have the first Alumni Manager election in which all members can participate. This year’s OBA Exco will shoulder the responsibility of conducting this historic election. Please pay attention to further posts.

Emphasis 3: Support the school. Help the students.

(6) Old boys help students
One big concern of alumni is how to revitalize our young boys’ studies and public examination results. In recent years, schools in our neighborhood have emerged to bring keener competition. It will take quite some effort for us to climbed back to the summit and to shine like our brightest years. To further enhance our support to the students, this year we are adding new projects as well as continuing the work started in the last few years.

In fact, our longer history than many nearby schools, giving us a larger alumni community, is an advantage! OBA joins hands with the school, Parent-Teacher Association and Old Boys Foundation to provide mentorship schemes, JUPAS guidance, career and further study counseling, scholarships, etc. This year, we have launched a new life-coaching programme targeting the underachieving students. (Due to limited space, more details will be provided in another article.)

In addition, many enthusiastic alumni have taken the initiative to contribute. Earlier on an old boy who teaches “supplementary classes” went back to CSK to give free seminar on exam preparation. During a recent meeting, more than one old boys offered their expertise to help students to improve their English on campus. We are showing great unity and eagerness in reviving our alma mater!

(7) Alumni support the school
Competition has a direct influence on our school’s Form 1 in-take. Under the current “medium of instruction” system, further worsening of in-take banding may eventually affect our “English school” status. The school has been organizing “information sessions” to enhance promotion to primary school parents.

The OBA is very supportive in promoting our school. Last year when I represented OBA as Vice-president, I added a section to introduce alumni who have become prominent figures in public. A number of famous old boys also attended and shared their thoughts and feelings. This allowed P.6 parents and students to witness the achievement of Chan Sui Ki education through direct contact with our “products”.

Delighted by the overwhelming response, this year we will continue to leverage on our strength to help raising the quality of student in-take. The next Information Session is tentatively scheduled in December.

An “Induction Day” will be held on the coming Saturday (August 24) 14:00 in school hall to provide orientation to F.1 new students and parents. I will represent old boys to welcome them to the CSK family and to brief them about our alumni community. You are welcome to come support our school.

These are some of the emphases in this year’s work but it is not our full programme list. We will continue to update everyone via Facebook and our website.

The OBA Exco is a group of old boys who volunteer our time to contribute to the alumni community and the school. Honestly, there are a lot we want to do while manpower and resources are limited. Yet, OBA is a good platform to gather talents and combine our strengths. Old boys from different generations and industries contribute in different ways. Being the president does not mean I am more competent than anyone. Where there are rooms to improve, I always keep an open mind to learn.

Larry Leung (1990)
CSKOBA President
21 August 2013

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