IMC Alumni Manager Election 2013 (UPDATE)

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Dear Fellow Old Boys:Background: The first referendum election of old boys’ rep in school management

Today, CSK has legally established her Incorporated Management Committee (IMC). Starting this academic year, the alumni representative in the school management will be selected by all of us through an election conducted by CSKOBA. This is our first ever “referendum” Alumni Manager election. I encourage every old boy who cares about alma mater to make good use of your rights. No matter you are going to run for the election, to nominate someone or to just cast your, we will make history together!

IMC is required by law to comprise representatives from the sponsoring body, teachers, parents, alumni and an independent manager. Our Alumni Manager’s term of office is two years and the maximum terms for each old boy is three.

Members of the IMC is responsible for school governance, carrying out the vision and mission of Lasallian education, strategic planning of the school, etc. The Alumni Manager should also reflect old boys’ opinions. He should also promote communication and co-operation between the IMC and OBA/old boys.

In the last two years, such issues as “national education” and “switching to Direct Subsidy Scheme” have made alumni of many schools voice out their opinions. Their schools and the general public have paid growing attention to alumni’s voices. It has become additionally meaningful for us to conduct a referendum Alumni Manager election at this point of time. Let every old boy exercise his rights to run for, to nominate and to vote in order to participate in school management.Participate: Register before voting. Nominate yourself or another old boy

Register as a voter now

Before you nominate or vote, your alumni identity will be verified by the school. A simple registration process has now started. Act now! Simply download the Voter Registration Form and email it to before 14 September!

Nominate yourself or another old boy

You are encouraged to nominate a fellow old boy or yourself to be a candidate. Want to voice out for old boys? Love to contribute your knowledge to the school? Simply interested in being a school manager? Have some suitable candidates in mind? Why not? Fill in the Nomination Form and email it to before 28 September! (Please retain the original copy for submitting on request.)

Come to vote

Registered voters will come to CSK Room 125, 1/F to vote on the polling date, 13 October. Please mark your diary!

Inquiries and further information

The above is a brief introduction to the election. Please read Procedure for Alumni Manager Election 2013 and Addendum for Alumni Manager Election for detailed procedure and rules. Should you have further inquiries about election procedure, responsibility for Alumni Manager and IMC, etc, please do not hesitate to contact us at Further election updates will be posted via CSKOBA website, Facebook page and emails.Important Dates:

  • Voter registration deadline: 14 Sept (Sat) 17:00
  • Candidate nomination deadline: 28 Sept (Sat) 17:00
  • Voting date: 13 Oct (Sun) 13:00 – 17:00

Documents for download:

Larry Leung(1990)
Returning Officer – CSK Alumni Manager Election 2013
1 Sept 2013

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