Alumni Manager 2013 Election Result

Dear Fellow Old Boys:

I am pleased to announce the results of the Alumni Manager Election for Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College’s Incorporated Management Committee (The IMC).

The OBA-organized election was held successfully yesterday. 75.6% of the registered voters came back to school to cast their votes. Mr SIT Wai Tung, Chris, a 1996 old boy won by a 64.5% majority. Mr TAM Man Hoi Jack, a 1990 graduate and the alumni school manager in year 2012/13, got 35.5% of the votes.

Let’s congratulate Chris for being our first Alumni Manager under the new school management system. In the next two years, he will represent us in our school’s Incorporated Management Committee, newly-established in September 2013. Apart from other school managing missions, Chris is responsible for promoting co-operation between IMC and OBA. We expect him to listen to old boys’ voices and to channel our opinions to the school management.

CSK Supervisor Mr Chris Lau, Principal Mr T L Lee and Vice-Principal Mr K S Chan came to the polling centre in their busy schedules to witness the vote-counting. Let’s thank them for their presence as well as their constant support to old boys affairs.

This election is CSK old boys’ first event of such kind. We are also the earliest to complete it among the five lasallian secondary schools, which will do the same in the near future. The invaluable experience we have gained will be useful in the coming years. We are also determined to make improvements in future election arrangements.

Lastly, let me thank every old boy for your participation!

Below please find the detatiled vote counts:

Voters’ Turnout Rate75.6% (31/41)

Votes Counted
Null and Void0 (0%)
Valid31 (100%)
Tam Man Hoi Jack11 (35.5%)
Sit Wai Tung20 (64.5%)

Larry Leung
CSKOBA President
Returning Officer of IMC Alumni Manager Election 2013

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