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President Report 2011-2012
30th April 2012
As in previous years, a new group of executive committee members were elected at the annual general meeting held on 25 June 2011 for the term of 2011/2012. I am honored to be elected as the President of our Association for the second consecutive term. Together with my fellow committee members, we endeavor to contribute our best effort to serve all the CSKOBA members as well as to assist the School in its development for the benefit of our CSK boys.

CSKOBA has donated twelve scholarships to CSK students during the school year to commend their distinguished academic achievement. The prizes were presented during the Speech Day in November 2011. Besides, our Young Old Boys Mentorship Program hosted several talks and seminars for senior form students, advising on topics like Form 7 admission guidance and further education opportunities etc.

CSKOBA continues our long tradition to remain in close partnership with the CSK Parents-Teachers Association (PTA). Besides serving together in the School Management Committee to assist the School in formulating key policy and strategy, CSKOBA also served in the PTA committee to promote better cooperation and communication between the school management and the parents. CSKOBA and PTA joined with the School in organizing many events such as the New Comers’ Day, Open Day for Primary Schools, and Career Talks by reputable old boys etc. On the social side, we co-organized the Christmas BBQ party last year, as well as the Spring Outing on 11 March, with over 160 parents, students, teachers and old boys took a fun day out in the New Territories.

The CSKOBA would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt appreciation to the support PTA has given us in the past. We have been working closely that has now become a CSK tradition. I am confident that this tradition would continue to carry forward for the many years to come.

CSKOBA has also maintained close relationship with other Lasallian Schools in Hong Kong and participated in all Lasallian School Lunch Meetings held once in every quarter of the year. Alumni representatives, Brothers, and principals from the Lasallian Secondary Schools in Hong Kong attend the lunch meetings.

Our annual 2-Day golf tournament was held on 9 & 10 December 2011 in the Dongguan Hillview Golf Club and the Citic Changping Golf Club, PRC. Many of our old boy golfers have enjoyed this golfing event so much that they become regular participants every year. I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mr. Yuen Yung Hon, Dennis [1982], winner of the Brother Herman Cup (2-Day Gross Champion) and Mr. Tang Kwan Hui, Ronny [1979], winner of the Brother Eugene Cup (2-Day Net Champion), as well as other Day Champions and Runners-ups. The prizes were presented during our annual gathering held at the school hall on 25 February 2012.

This year’s annual gathering has around 280 old boys, parents, current and retired teachers took part with “Pun-choi” being served at the School Hall. The hall was filled with alumni from the 60s’ to the new millennium. The atmosphere was filled with joy and laughter and everyone was enjoying the evening out.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to our committee for the time and effort they have contributed to the Association. CSK has come to where it is today because of men like you – alumni who have carried the CSK spirit into the world. On behalf of all of us at CSK, thank you for helping to bring us here, which will ensure CSK’s continued vitality and success in the years ahead. More importantly, your full support and participation in the Association’s events and functions is highly appreciated and look forward to seeing you again in the coming year.

Ronny Tang (1979)

Celebrate the Opening of PTA Centre in CSK

OBA – PTA 2012 Christmas BBQ Party in CSK Covered Playground

Annual Golf Day 2011

2011 – 2012 Annual Golf Tournament
Winner of Brother Herman Cup – 2 Day Gross Champion Dennis Yung-Hon Yuen (1982)
Winner of Brother Eugene Cup – 2 Day Net Champion Ronny Kwan-Hui Tang (1979)

2012 Spring Outing – OBA – PTA Joint Function

2012 Annual Gathering – Pun-choi Dinner at the CSK School Hall

Position Name F.5 Graduation
President 鄧君栩 TANG, Kwan Hui Ronny 1979
Vice President 梁 帆 LEUNG, Fan Larry 1990
Treasurer 蔡得賢 CHOI, Tak Yin Addy 1980
Secretary 林展逸 LAM, Chin Yat David 2005
Ex-Officio Member 劉寶華 LAU, Po Wah Chris 1980
Committee Member 周愛宏 CHOW, Oi Wang, Toby 1977
王玉泉 WONG, Yuk Chuen Jonathan 1981
譚健賢 TAN, Chien Hsien Ian 1981
蔡子健 CHOY, Tsz Kin 1985
譚文海 TAM, Man Hoi Jack 1990
李志偉 LEE, Chi Wai Jack 1993
李淦倫 LEE, Kam Lun Cameron 1994
李宇俊 LEE, Yu Chun John 2001
蕭伶杰 SIU, Ling Kit Matt 2005
Associate Member 雷健泉 LUI, Kin Chuen Peter 1976
Associate Member 李偉傑 LEE, Wai Kit Ricky 1990
Associate Member 陳建輝 CHAN, Kin Fai Peter 2002
Associate Member 李志華 LI, Chi Wa 2008
Associate Member 譚健偉 TAM, Kin Wai Ronno 2009
Advisor 黎偉文 LAI, Wai Man Terry
Auditor 黎肇添 LAI, Siu Tim 1983
Legal Advisor 陳國剛 CHAN, Kwok Kang Dennis 1988

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