Appeal for Donation to the Thailand Bamboo School Project

Dear CSK Old Boys,

I am Ronny Tang, Chairman of CSK (La Salle) College Old Boys’ Association (CSKOBA). I write to you, together as a joint project with Mr. Toby Chow, the Chairman of the CSK (La Salle) College Old Boys’ Foundation (CSKOBF), to call for your donation in support of an education program run by Lasallian Brother Victor Gil Munoz in northern Thailand.

In last October, a group of Hong Kong delegates from various HK Lasallian alumni associations attended the Fifth World Union of Lasallian Former Students (UMAEL) General Assembly held in Manila. In the assembly, over 200 Lasallian alumni representatives from around the world and dozens of Lasallian brothers attended different seminars and sharing sessions. We learned a lot more on the education and assistance programs by the Lasallian brothers in the region. Br. Victor who personally runs the Bamboo School project in northern Thailand introduced one of the sharing sessions.

Br. Victor sent us an email a few weeks ago, proposed a fund‐raising program for the Bamboo School to acquire a new school bus to cater for the growing number of students. The school bus costs about HK$ 360,000 and Br. Victor hopes that Lasallian alumni from Hong Kong and Japan can work together to accomplish this fund‐raising goal. (Please refer to the information at the end).

Saint John Baptist de La Salle regarded the mission of teaching as one of the most holy and exalted on earth. Teachers are to be “ambassadors and ministers of Jesus Christ”, the “guardian angels”, of their pupils and act like “good shepherds” toward their flock.

For hundreds of years, Lasallian brothers all over the world providing quality teaching and serving communities in need. In the border areas of northern Thailand with Myanmar, due to poor economic conditions and for various reasons, many children are either out of school or being abandoned. Despite of the hardship conditions, Br Victor went there to take charge of the Bamboo School project, he knew that there are so many children in need of help.

I know that HK$180,000 is not an easy goal, but charity has no frontier. If we consider this as an international cooperation program, and try to extend our vision a little bit further, I am confident that with the support of the Lasallian alumni in Hong Kong, this target is accomplishable.

Lasallian brothers have been serving in Hong Kong for nearly one and a half century. You and I are the lucky ones to have had the chance to be educated and blessed by Lasallian brothers. Br. Victor is just like those Lasallian brothers that we had met in our campus, fully dedicate their life to education in the name of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. If you do appreciate the contribution from Br. Victor and other Lasallian brothers, please donate generously. Show them we are in unity and they have all the support from the Lasallian alumni in Hong Kong.

Br. Patrick Tierney, Sector Leader of Lasallian Schools in Hong Kong is in full support of this fund‐raising program and agreed to make his share of donation.

If you are interested to take part in this donation appeal, please send in a cheque payable to “CHAN SUI KI (LA SALLE) COLLEGE OLD BOYS’ FOUNDATION LIMITED” on or before 31 May 2012, together with your name, year of CSK Form 5 graduation, address and contact telephone numbers (for issue of receipt to charitable donation tax deduction purpose). The cheque can also be handed in to any committee members of the CSKOBA or CSKOBF, or send to the our correspondence address: Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College Old Boys’ Association Ltd., 4 Sheung Wo Street, Homantin, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Please state – “BAMBOO SCHOOL PROJECT”.

The money collected will then be transferred to the said Bamboo School project via Hong Kong Lasallian Mission Fund.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support in this fund‐raising program, and wishing all Lasallian alumni in Hong Kong good luck, good health and a happy life!

Yours faithfully,

Ronny Tang
Chan Sui Ki (La Salle) College Old Boys’ Association Ltd.

Remarks: UMAEL (Union Mondiale des Anciens Eleves Lasalliens or World Union of Lasallian Former Students) is the international association of all Lasallian Alumni Associations and Federations around the world. Every four years, UMAEL hosts a World Congress where all the associations and ederations of Lasallian former students worldwide meet to discuss the way forward for the Lasallian Alumni. The 5th UMAEL World Congress was held from October 26 to 30, 2011. De La Salle Philippines was the host of this momentous event. This is the first time in UMAEL history that the Congress comes to Asia.
For your reference (information from Br. Victor):

Need of a vehicle for transport of students

The Bamboo School is located about 400 meters from the Myanmar border with Thailand on public land controlled by the Thai Army. That site is very convenient for the students of the area to come to school and to the parents to send their children to school. However the Thai military are worried about the national security because of the nearness to the border with Myanmar and the Karen State. Thai military allow us to stay there as long as there is nothing built permanently. But this is not suitable for a long term commitment to the children of the area.

The La Salle Foundation of Thailand have decided to commit themselves to permanent structure and have the school eventually recognized by the Thai Government, which is not possible in the present site so near the Burmese border. Therefore the La Salle Foundation of Thailand has bought a piece of land situated 15 km inside Thailand. This site is called Parmenie in honor of a famous mountain in the life of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. We have already 84 students traveling from the Bamboo site to the Parmenie site every day. Next school year there will be about 170 students doing this journey.

At the present time the Bamboo School has 2 vehicles to transport 84 students from the Myanmar border to the Parmenie campus of the Bamboo School, about 15 kilometers inside Thailand. The two vehicles are overcrowded. Beside, next school year (starting May 2012) the number of students to be transported will increase to about 170.

What we are looking for:
We need one six-wheeled lorry, about 5.5 meters long. Seats and a roof will be added. This type of vehicle is widely used in this area. Other schools in the area have similar systems of transport. Since it is to be used for a many years we prefer to buy a new lorry rather than a second hand one. The price a new vehicle is about 1,400,000 ( one million four hundred thousand )baht i.e. about US$ 46,000 (forty six thousand).

Since it is a substantial amount we would like to propose this project to the Hong Kong alumni and the Japanese alumni each contributing half of the expenses (i.e. each US $23,000.00)

Person presenting the project: Brother Victor Gil Munoz.

Br. Victor is Spanish Brother who has been working as missionary in Thailand since 1964. He has held different responsibilities in different La Salle Brothers’ schools in Thailand, and since 2008 has been working in the Bamboo School project.

I hope you be generous in supporting this worthy project.

Brother Victor Gil Munoz

La Salle Learning Center
370 Moo 3, Tambol Nonglu,
Sangkalburi, P.O.B.28
Kanchanaburi, Thailand
e-mail address:


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